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My Name is GIULIA CARINI and I'm an Artist from Parma in Italy. 

After getting my Masters Degree in English Language and Literature at Parma University and after different jobs, I finally decided to follow my passion for colours.

I've always been attracted to art and paints since I was a child but then life led me to a different direction.

this strong passion was waiting to emerge sooner or later and it did when I decided to attend my first Makeup School in Paris. 


- Makeup Artist Pro Certificate in BEAUTY-FASHION at Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris.


Lip Art Workshop with International Makeup Artist Karla Powell at Treasure House of Makeup in Manchester, UK.

- Pro Makeup Artist Workshop with International Makeup Artist Roshar at Make Up For Ever Boutique in New York, USA.

- Face Painting Intensive Training at Make Up For Ever Academy in Paris, France.

- Incorporating Trend Workshop featuring International Makeup Artists James Vincent, Roshar, Dani Fonseca, Edward Cruz, Mari Shten produced by the Powder Group at Make Up For Ever Boutique in New York, USA.

- One-to-one Makeup Classes with International Makeup Artist and Body Painter Einat Dan in Berlin, Germany.

- Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Certificate at AOFM Makeup School in London, UK.

- Val Garland School of Makeup with International Makeup Artist Val Garland @Streeters organized by



- TheCreaMaster Workshop with International Makeup Artist Loni Baur @Artlist organised by Grande Maison and Peppermint Circus in Berlin, Germany.

Since 2015 I've been having the privilege to work as a Makeup Artist at Women's, Haute Couture and Men's fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London at many International Fashion Shows of the most important fashion designers as ValentinoGucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Chloé, Schiaparelli, JP Gaultier, Stella McCartneyIsabel Marant, Dior, FendiMarc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Hermes, Etro, Alexandre Vauthier, Balmain, Givenchy, Marni, Bally, DelCore and assisting top makeup artists like Pat McGrath, Lisa Butler, Val Garland, Tom Pecheux, Diane Kendal, Inge GrognardErin Parsons, Yadim, Hiromi Ueda, Lucia Pica, Isamaya Ffrench, Karin Westerlundd, Petros Petrohilos, Miranda Joyce, Anne sophie Costa, Lynsey Alexander, Dick PageAaron De Mey, Christelle Cocquet.

My Beauty and fashion editorials have been published on internationally well-known magazines like VOGUE China, VOGUE Singapore, VOGUE Arabia, VOGUE Portugal, VOGUE Czechoslovakia, Vogue Ukraine, Vogue Brasil, HARPER'S BAZAAR Czechoslovakia, HARPER'S BAZAAR Kazakhstan, HARPER'S BAZAAR India, HARPER'S BAZAAR Ukraine, HARPER'S BAZAAR Mexico, HARPER'S BAZAAR Thailand, HARPER'S BAZAAR Turkey, ELLE Vietnam, Elle IndonesiaL'OFFICIEL Vietnam, L'OFFICIEL Indonesia.

working as a Makeup Artist allows me to continue my creative journey into exploring different artistic mediums like watercolours and acrylics Paints on various kinds of paper and canvas.


"Every Artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures"

(Henry Ward Beecher).

These beautiful words by Henry Ward Beecher truly reflect what painting means to me. It allows me to express this energy I have inside that needs to get out and flow on paper.

In my paintings I want to transfer my deep feelings and my emotions translated in rich bold colours which take the viewer into my secret world and be part of it.

"I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way. Things I had no words for" (Georgia O'Keeffe).

My paintings are an explosion of colours. I have an obsession for them, and they are my joy and love. When they flow, drip, run and merge into something magical, they have the power to let me travel to a very special place: MY INNER SOUL. 

Colours are my universe and I often react at them in a very instinctive way. Sometimes I spend a long time choosing the right palette but sometimes I follow my instinct and I paint with combinations I’ve never used before.

I have a strong relationship with colours and I think it’s something related to my exchange of energy with them.

Colours have to WOW me and I always need to feel back their power and their intensity.



During my travels in Japan I was impressed by the extraordinary artworks of Shozo Shimamoto and his "Bottle Crash" technique in which the final result is absolutely unforseen. So I started to embrace this spontaneity and psycological freedom through my own vision, throwing the paints with cups, letting them go and mixing themselves with water. The nuances that water and watercolors create by themselves are always an unexpected magical surprise of contrasts between darks and lights, soft and hard edges, tranparent and matte colors. 

In Japan I was also fashinated by Buddhist and Zen aesthetic principles about the relationship between art and nature.

According to this philosophy the artist should observe nature carefully and try to grasp the ESSENCE of it in order to achieve the UNITY between nature and humans

That's why Nature and its breathtaking colors are my constant inspiration and my guide in this journey. These colors, so rich and vibrant, carry such a deep energy that tie human beings with the Cosmos. The colors of the sky, of the ocean, of the earth are the connection between me, the viewer and nature. 




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