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Original Watercolour
56 x 76 cm 
Arches Rough Cotton Paper 300gr
Signed with Certificate of Authenticity Included

Collective Exhibition
DREAMING OF VENICE c/o Charming Palace Santa Fosca during BIENNALE di VENEZIA - Venice
June - July 2022


Collective Exhibition ROME INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR c/o Medina Art Gallery Rome November - December 2021
curated by ITSLIQUID

Collective Exhibition PARAISO c/o Mads Art Gallery
Milan - Fuerte Ventura
July 2021
curated by Art Curator Chiara Rizzatti


Giulia Carini

"Tra questa immensità s'annega il pensier mio" (Giacomo Leopardi)

Giulia Carini is an Italian watercolorist. Her love for this artistic form becomes the perfect tool to transport her inner, creative and poetic universe on paper. Giulia's art focuses on the profound relationship between the individual and nature, projecting the observer into soft clouds of intense and bright colors, which dominate the composition to prevail over the forms. "FLOATING", the work presented for "Paraiso", strikes for the very strong connection between vivid and brilliant colors and the painted subject: in a blue and light blue background - veined with golden shades - a splendid female face emerges, portrayed in a intense and relaxed expression. The shades of blue recall the importance that the marine element had in the life of the artist, who perceives water as the bearer of a deep serenity. Just like the delicate waves of the sea, the bewitching notes of blue envelop her face in a tender caress, which induces you to surrender completely to it. The expression - at the same time relaxed and concentrated on her face - suggests a moment of ecstatic bliss of the senses, a deep satisfaction due to the expected return to a familiar and long-awaited place. From a different perspective, the female face may seem surrounded by a fairytale blue hair, scattered in the wind, helping to reaffirm the communion between human beings and nature, narrated with a personal and universal language at the same time.

Art Curator Chiara Rizzatti

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